Handcrafted and Personalized cutting boards & Chopping Blocks

Select your wood type and size, choose from over 100 design options, and create the perfect gift!


Our engraved and personalized cutting board keepsakes are made to your unique specifications for each order.  Each board is handcrafted with quality; including rounded corners, routed edges, treated with all-natural conditioner and triple-sanded finishing. 


Gift the kitchen lover in your life with a chopping block handcrafted from natural woods with durable edge grain construction.  The rich colors in each piece come directly from the wood strips, with no artificial stains or dyes used.  

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Handled Serving Boards

 These engraved serving boards are perfect for any social occasion.  Cut and serve cheeses, meats, and breads on a personalized cutting board for a unique flair at your next gathering or event. 

CHarcuterie Boards


Artisan Blocks

Handled Cutting Boards

These paddle type cutting boards are hand-crafted and personalized for a modern take on a classically styled board.  The handles provide the ability to hang the board and additional stability for day to day use.

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Wine Holder

Bamboo Wine Holders

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